DNC Transfer Device Lan Network Model

DNC Tranfer Device network model

Transfer/send file Gcode file to CNC machines via Lan network

DNC Tranfer Device network model  is used to transfer/send file Gcode file to CNC machines ( DNC drip feed , cnc drip feed ), Gcode file was sent to the  DNC device via Ethernet or Wifi, besides that, it is equipped with 2 USB ports to read program from USB , which gives customers many different options to transfer DNC, DNC communication  to one or more CNC machines.
DNC Tranfer Device network model
DNC Tranfer Via Lan Network

Advantages of Transfer/send gcode/data via Lan network to CNC machine: 

  • Remotely: Because it can connect directly via wifi, you may not need to direct handle it, you can control the device from a long distances, as long as it connect to wifi, you can perform tasks such as running the file, copy, delete, create folder on our software (Hp TFTP)
  • Send a message via the network: You can  sends a message to DNC device from software, the staff can receive and follow
  • Sercurity: It lock USB port, does not allow retrieving data out, so when the operator control software used to run the file to transfer to the CNC machine, staff will not know which is unable to copy files and out, so will security information

DNC Tranfer Device network model Lan to RS232

DNC Tranfer Device network model via LAN
DNC Tranfer Device network model (RJ45 Portg )

DNC Transfer Device -  MICRO DNC 
Image DNC transfer via Lan network
  • Size: 140x100x30mm.
  • Weight: 300g.
  • Aluminum shell
  • 03 magnet
  • 01 DC power port.
  • 01 USB port.
  • 01 Sdcard port
  • 01 RJ45 ports
  • 01 port RS232
  • 01 LCD monitor
  • 05 buttons to customize
  • 12V DC  adapter
  • Or use electricity from the RS232 port or parallel port.
  • All OS of Fanuc
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mori Sheiki
  • Yasnas
  • Mazak
  • Okuma...
  • Transfer data via port RS232
  • Read data/parameter from CNC machine
  • Read file from any USB
  • Read file with format *.TXT, *.NC, *.TAP.           
  • Show % transmitted

To control and use this device, you need use our software: HP Explorer, we provide this for free

DNC transfer free software

DNC network sofware


For detail document manual, please click here:



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