Transfer Gcode file to CNC machine via USB Solution

DNC transfer gcode to cnc via rs232 portTraditionally, DNC drip feed (transfer gcode file - data to CNC machine ) solution using a computer with installed dedicated DNC software  (as CimcoEdit, DosteskDNC, ProDNC ...) to transfer Gcode file to CNC machine.This solution has several disadvantages as follows:

• Cost expenses: We will have to take some cost to equip a computer

 •Wasted place: Placing the computer in the production area is also a problem for businesses, we need approximately 2m2 for the placement. Moreover, the accessories such as wires, cables also cost area

• Instability: If computer was infected, when transmitting data to CNC machine will do the wrong data (caused by virus) makes CNC be incorrect, or if one of the computer’s peripherals damaged also lead to instability 

DNC transfer gcode to cnc via rs232 port
Traditional DNC Tranfer Gcode file to CNC solution
With the above disadvantages of traditional solutions, we have created a compact and useful device: DNC Transfer Device -  Micro DNC  - Transfer file to CNC machine.
cnc drip feed
Solution transfer file to cnc machine with our product

With our product, DNC Tranfer Device, programmers after creating G-code on the computer will copy files to USB, then plug USB into device. DNC transfer device connected to the CNC machine via RS232 cable or parallel cable 50 pins . Then, the operator choose file from USB or internal memory then transfer to CNC machine (DNC drip feed). The operation just take a few seconds.
DNC Transfer Device Features:
MICRO DNC  compatible with all CNC machines type as: all operating systems Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Yasnac, Okuma, Mazak ...

 • Reads USB 2.0, SD card CARD of all brands and various capacities.

 • Has the memory of 2 to 4 Gb capacity depending on customer needs

 • Can be transmitted over the network via an Ethernet port or WiFi

 • Reading is the long file names up to 255 characters

 • Graphic LCD very intuitive

 • In addition to data transmission to CNC machines, MICRO  DNC can take out programs, parameters ... from the CNC machine.

 • Automatic return to the first file after the trasmitting completely

 • Select the files you want to transfer in a list displayed on the LCD screen

 • Set the function and parameters with the button, displayed directly on the LCD Graphic, simple, intuitive 

 • Speed baudrate up  to 19.200bps (1200,2400,4800, 9600, 19200). Change the data transfer rate for parallel ports.

 • The warranty period is 2 years, the cost of repairs after the warranty period are low.
Tranfer Gcode file to CNC machine via USB Solution